Having drawn and played this scene from my mind’s archive, I could not help but permit this surge of excitement reshape my face with a long smile. “Oh my, it’s both fun and therapeutic to be around humorous people”, I said to myself.

You could hardly resist the urge to be around Uncle George and his wife, Becky; especially when they were both at home. You just know that you’re in for some ‘hilariously cracking episodes.’

I paid them a visit one Sunday afternoon, after church service, and eventually got trapped in one of their thrilling episodes. Somewhere in-between laughing, raising my legs and clapping my hands at their interesting, yet, heated argument – about who drives in a more civilized manner, and who does, like a mechanic? – since I’ve witnessed their driving first-hand, severally, coupled with the fact that I was the only one with them that afternoon, I was asked to judge. Instantly, I felt bound like Lazarus – when he walked out of that tomb. At this point, I felt Aunty Becky’s eyes simultaneously warning and pleading with me to support her, with Uncle George’s, asking me to ‘do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.’ At this point, I had suddenly moved from enjoying the party, to snoozing it – I was in a tight spot. If you have ever being in a similar situation, you’ll agree with me that, this is one of those moments you’ll wish for any of the mother-in-law’s to step into the room, and buy you some slack.

Well, in this case, power-outage did the magic. What a way out! Pheww…

Few days later, while waiting to catch a motorcycle to the market, I witnessed a similar situation – as at Uncle George’s place – only that this time, it was hummm….., you’ll see.

I was standing few metres away from his house, when he walked pass me; artistically soaked in the overflows of his raining tears, profuse sweating and stains. “Moses! Moses!!” I called, “why are you crying? What happened?” The young teenager ignored me, with his eyes stayed on the faces of his parents who were having a rather calm argument, just by their doorway

“Why are you crying? What happened? Where are you coming from?” inquired his mum who had swung into panic-mood. “Moses, answer me” she yelled. His dad signaled him to move closer, while so doing, his father eagled-out fresh blood-tainted wounds on his left knee and shin; as he did, the dad inquired again from him what happened. Having pumped his patience enough, the dad started pulling out his belt; which was when Moses quickly and loudly explained that he got injured while playing football with his friends.

An overwhelming pity for the lad, ran through my spine the moment his dad asked him to kneel down – my own experiences were now already playing in my head; after this in my situation, would come a heavy slap on my back. Almost immediately, Moses’ mum countered the father’s instruction, and asked Moses to stand up, for them to go see the chemist; in order to stop the bleeding and prevent infections.

Moses was utterly confused, as to whether to obey his already furious father or opt for the escape door his mum unlocked. “I said kneel down” his father once again yelled; “let’s go to the chemist Moses”, countered his mother. I could only imagine how utterly fearful and confused Moses was at that moment.

Just like me in-between Uncle George’s and aunty Becky’s voice, or Moses, in-between his parents voices; we all get stuck in life. At some point in life’s journey, we do, and will get stuck; sometimes, hopelessly. Those moments where everything you’ve believed – your convictions and principles – and held unto, are quaked. What a time for battle.

Here then comes life, amplifying fear, doubt, past failures and experiences, limiting mindsets as imposed by your environment, background or upbringing; societal pressure, ‘un-marital status’, without-child-status, red bank account(s), inferiority complex, depression, suicidal thoughts, and like in our very recent time, of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Indeed, life has a lot to throw at you when you get stuck; because then, ‘everything around you becomes a voice’ (Emmanuel Makandiwa), direly seeking to kill, steal and destroy your focus, from WHO and WHAT matters most. Just like the raging storms the day Peter walked on that water, they’ll try to take your gaze off your true identity, faith, trust, confidence, priesthood, kingship, stewardship and fellowship with ‘Everything That Matters’ – Christ Jesus.

At a point in my life, I was becoming so sight-driven (2 Cor. 5:7) in my walk and relationship with God. I wanted results. I got so crowded with how to engage and fulfill destiny, pursue career, maintain relationships and meet needs. I completely became mechanical about everything.  Not for long, the stress became overwhelming; and somehow, the Holy Spirit got my attention, and reminded me of Matt.6:33 of setting my priorities right; and said these comforting words to me:  “everything I instruct you to do is for your advantage, and, your victory is in (obeying) my voice.” Boom! That was it for me. Learnt that strength is truly ‘dwelling under (in) the secret place of the Most High.’

You don’t have to compromise (your faith) to come out of anything. If you look hard enough, there’s always THE WAY OUT of every situation; for everything society and civilization proposes, there’s always THE TRUTH; and for every attempt of darkness to minister death to you, just like the persistent widow, the woman with the issue of blood or like Daniel and his friends, resolve to trust, zoom-in your gaze, and listen to THE LIFE, that calms every storm and voice (Ps.91).

Your life shouldn’t suck just because you got stuck; stock it up with faith (Roms.10:17), not sight and keep blazing towards destiny. The ‘storm’ is only a distraction. Out of all the voices calling out to you, choose to listen and believe the voice of TRUTH; therein lies your gloriously customized victory.

Written by: Absalom Malle


  • Voice of Truth (song) by Casting Crowns

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  • When God Speaks – Bro. Gbile Akanni (Book)
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  • The Voice of God – Apostle Joshua Selman (Message)
  • Detours to Destiny – Bishop T. D. Jakes (Message)
  • Shutting the door on Distraction – Steven Furtick (Message)
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