There was once a small village named Kalish largely consisting of hardworking farmers who lived in peace, unity, and abundance. Their children always looked forward to sunrise in order to enjoy the company of their friends. While the children played, their mothers and older female siblings prepared food for the family before they all went to join their fathers and older male siblings on their various farms. At weekends, the community would come together for their Village Fair, which was an outdoor event, characterized with amusements, competitions, commercial exhibitions, and sales.
There were 5 young-adults, who were a clique of friends, and unique amongst other children. They really enjoyed the company they gave one another and were a peaceful clique. Every morning before sunrise, they converged at their usual play-base to sing, build sandcastles; catch the sight, and feel the warmth of the beautiful sunrise, as it bloomed into a new day. This gave them enough time to be with one another before going to their various farms. This lovely village life continued until Kalish had a strange event.
An unusual heat encompassed their village and the environ; a Heat-Island, you would be right to say. More precisely, it felt like the sun came closer to Kalish. Sunrise ceased to be a beautiful, revering experience. It became an unpleasantly, tormenting, scorching-beast, for all the villagers. Even the wind that blew across the village was hot. The scorching impact of the sun was always on a 24 hour patrol; day-time and night-time, all had the same solarizing impact.
The villagers found it difficult to go out from their houses to their farms. They only managed to come out after sun set; and it usually would be to go to their barns and farms, and salvage their roaming animals and farm produce, from the scorching effect of the sun. They thought the situation would get better when the rainy season came. But to their dismay and aggravating frustration, six months into this whole situation, the rainy season never showed up. This turn of event, gave a heavy-weight knock-out blow to their agricultural productivity. This meant less food to survive on. Everyone, from the richest to the poorest suffered the impact of this incongruous phenomenon. They soon began to starve and die from food starvation and poor air circulation.
The clique of 5 friends became really concerned. At every sunset, they would meet to brainstorm on what they perceived to be the root-cause, and, or solution. One evening, as they were discussing, they all got fed up with all that was, and agreed to sneak out of their village, to get help at all, and any cost, anywhere available. They decided and agreed to converge at and take off from their play-spot.
The next evening, just after sunset, the clique set out on a journey with a small support-bag. They walked over 46 miles in two days. As they were approaching the nearest village, they were startled by the drastic change in weather from hot to cold that they now could feel. As they entered the village, they were welcomed by the snow that carpeted the village. They stopped and cheered as they tried to comprehend the wonder of nature they just witnessed. They further brainstormed on where to stay in the snowy village.

Snow is cool, so is Heaven; the scorching heat from the sun is unpleasant, so is Hell. Ideally, heat is good, but when it steadily accelerates into becoming too much, it then feels like being inside unquenchable fire for a lifetime – it is not an experience you want to go through. The scientists say the sun is about 15million degrees Celsius hot and 149 million km far from the earth. Despite this distance, the sun could be sometimes so scorching! The scorch from the sun is unbearable for a while – like the core of summer; but be reminded that hell is going to be unbearable for a lifetime.
The God that created the sun also created hell; but thankfully, for different purposes. Hell was not set-up for mankind rather, it is for Satan and other rebellious demon spirits. The grand proof of this truth is that God sent His only begotten Son (Christ Jesus) to redeem us from wrath due to the covenant we broke with Him. His unconditional, relentless, and sacrificial love has mercifully revealed to us the truth that God is continuously yearning for us, to accept the life He gives and totally yield to Him. God does not want mankind to perish however, He will not force his redemption gift on us.
While growing up, I remember always having my eyes bump into this artistically carved write-up my mum hung in our living room. It read thus:

“The time is 11:59pm, 12:00 midnight might be TOO LATE.”

“Today I have placed before (not forced on) you the CHOICE between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness THE CHOICE YOU MAKE” (Deut 30:19 NIV & NLT, emphasis ours).

Choose wisely!


  • The Holy Bible’s Book of Jonah Chapter 1 & 3
  • The Holy Bible’s Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 30:15-17 (NIV & NLT versions)
  • The Holy Bible’s Book of Revelation Chapter 3:20 (NIV version)
  • Closest Picture of the Sun by NASA
  • Jesus Take the Wheel (Song) by Carrie Underwood
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