Mirage – Part 1

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A knock on the door and Jael stood to see who was at the door. “Oh my God! Guess who is at the door”, she said to Sarah her elder Sister who was seated on the couch. As Sarah tried to come up with names, Jael’s face lighted up with smiles while peeping through the window and signaling to the visitor to wait. “You may probably not guess right” Jael said, and “in order not to keep our esteemed guest waiting, I would just let her in but promise me you would be calm.” At this time her Sister got really freaked and curious about who the person was, “who could the guest be?” She mused. Jael proceeded to open the door for the esteemed guest.

A young lady on a pair of emerald gold heels and mint green pants took the first step in. At this time, Sarah was on her feet in curiosity. Oh mine! She said in her heart. However, the smartness and beauty of the shoes and the fragrance of the perfume couldn’t absorb her curiosity rather, she got more curious as the guest took the second step in! Ah! Oh! She shouted as she ran towards the door to hug Sophia, her childhood friend who left the country when they were in secondary school. With great excitement, Sarah said; “I hope I’m not dreaming? How did you get to know my house? How? When did you arrive?” “How….” Jael interrupted, “Sister won’t you offer her a seat to start with,” she giggled as she politely walked to the bar to get Sophia a drink.

While Jael was at it, Sarah finally calmed down and sat right beside Sophia on the couch. Jael brought a fruit wine, and Sarah suddenly connected the dots in her mind and realized that Jael knew about Sophia’s visitation all along. This was because Sarah had attempted taking the wine severally, but Jael had pleaded that they wait till this particular day before taking the drink. Not knowing when she opened her mouth, she said Jael is behind this! Sophia, “tell me I’m lying.” Sophia and Jael laughed really hard as Jael let her in on the plan. Currently, the three of them were ready to make a toast with the drink in their hands. Toast was made to Sophia having a good time and fun filled time in her short visit to the land. Thereafter, Jael left for the kitchen leaving Sarah and her friend to their catching up.

Come to think of it my friend, “when are you getting married? Sophia said smiling sheepishly. “You know you keep avoiding this question in our chats, with your response ‘soon’, how soon is your soon? I beg I need the juicy details as I am here for you. Moreover, I am not running to catch up with work this time,” she giggled. Sarah sighed and said “things are not always like they appear, likewise people”. Sophia unhooked her pants in readiness to hear all that Sarah had to say.

(….to be continued…)

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