I saw the Light


Have you ever wondered why you are always in Father’s business yet; you are not satisfied with certain results in your life irrespective of how you tried? Well, that used to be me; I have been there! I am so zealous for God however, I always got to a point where I feel nothing seems to be working and the few that managed to work, did not last. Glory to God, I got my victory when I saw the light!

The story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10:38-42 paved way for me. In this scripture, I saw that Jesus was out as usual on His mission, visiting and ministering to people. When He entered a village, a woman like me received him. This fortunate woman named Martha can be said to be loving, pleasant, generous and hospitable amongst many other godly virtues. Her godly virtues were expressed in her attempt to ensure Jesus had a comfortable stay in her house. This is worth celebrating in every woman because it is our norm.

However, I saw another virtuous woman coming into the picture. Although, this woman named Mary was Martha’s sister, she did something different from the norm earlier displayed by Martha. She was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to His Word; this was the light I saw! Although, Martha welcomed Jesus into her home like many have welcomed Him into their hearts, she did not go further to know the person she received into her home. At this point, I was broken because I realised that I have just been following the usual Christian norm.

Beyond welcoming Jesus into your heart and serving Him, there is more in Christ in the place of intimacy with His person. In this place lies selfless revival, sensitivity to God’s Spirit and word. This place builds faith, grants foresight and prepares you for what you have foreseen. It is a place to get off all activities, worries and anxieties by staying alone with God. Friends, knowing the Jesus whom you have received into your heart is important to your fruitfulness in life.

Further reading. Scriptures (Luke 10:38-42)

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