“Finally! The long-awaited moment is just few hours away. I can’t wait to unveil it!”, Kingsley mused as he reclined in his office chair after the long virtual meeting he had that morning on his PC. He barely listened in the meeting, talk less of participating because he was filled with ecstasy as the moment approached to unveil his plan after several brainstorming with his best colleague-friend, Bright, on how best to execute. Checking his wristwatch, Kingsley discovered that it was almost mid-day. “Perfect timing!” Kingsley said. Rolling his chair to the right corner of his office table, Kingsley reached out for his telephone and called the office extension of Bright.

“Hey guy, will you like to go grab the usual at our favourite spot for lunch?” Kingsley asked. “K-man, if I go, the bill will be all on you again o”, Bright teased. “No worries my G, I got you covered”, Kingsley responded with excitement in his husky voice to Bright’s surprise! “What could be happening with K-man? Well, I’d surely find out”, bewildered Bright thought to himself as it was very unusual of his friend to agree to such not to mention the excitement with which he consented. “Are you still there?” Kingsley queried from the other end of the call. “Yeah man, I don’t mind the treat. I will stop by at your office on my way out so that we can walk down there together”, Bright replied.

Kingsley then brought out his Smartphone after he dropped the call on the office line to read a direct message sent to him while discussing with Bright. He unlocked the phone, opened the DM and was pleasantly surprised at the sender who seldom appears online at that time of the day. Opening the content of the DM, he looked steadily and intently with great interest. “K-man, your guy is here can we move now?” Bright said from the corridor as the door was not closed in line with their workplace ethics. Bright however observed that Kingsley was engrossed in what he was gazing at in his Smartphone in that he held it tightly gesticulating all over the screen of the gadget with his hands.

Now more curious than ever, Bright began walking into Kingsley’s office. “I just hope my free lunch will not be affected”, he contemplated as he approached Kingsley’s desk. Still unaware of Bright’s presence, Kingsley looked even more intently now with a broad smile. On getting to his desk, Bright peeped and saw the object of Kingsley’s gaze. At last, Bright connected the dots as he remembered Kingsley’s plan through what he saw when he peeped. “Now, I know why K-man was excited over the telephone, so much so that he agreed to foot the bill for our lunch for two consecutive times”, Bright pondered shaking his head as he smiled. Leaning forward, “I love this love thing o!” Bright whispered in Kingsley’s ears.

Snapping out of his virtual world of ecstasy on the Smartphone in utter shock, Kingsley shrugged as he turned left toward the direction of the voice. “Guy, you scared me there”, Kingsley said laughing after he saw that it was Bright. “When did you enter my office?” Kingsley asked. “I have been standing right here for about five minutes. I even called you from the corridor to inform you of my presence but it was clear that you were in a world of your own. Upon getting to your desk, I discovered you were zooming in and out of Bridget’s picture to capture every possible detail therein. Then, you started smiling sheepishly acting lovey dovey while you admired her hour-glass shape. Bros, don’t forget the purity code o” Bright said jokingly.

“Come to think of it, that looks like a picture that was snapped today. How did you get it considering that she’s hardly online at this time of the day due to the nature of her work?” Bright inquired. “My G, I was also amazed when I saw her DM but the message she sent with the picture explains it all. She took the picture before she got to her office for the day’s work and smuggled her phone into the restroom to send me the picture and message because she can’t wait to have her dream dinner that she’s been craving for”. “K-man!! Men, I doubt if Bridget would be able to do anything at work if she knew the real gist for which you finally created time out of your busy schedule for the special dinner outing she has always desired”, Bright said as he cheered Kingsley. “All thanks to you for helping out in planning a phenomenal proposal within my budget. I’m super happy that I am finally doing this”, Kingsley responded. “You are most welcome. Boss, lunch time is ticking fast, let’s hurry down to our favourite spot. I can’t miss this golden ticket”, Bright said and Kingsley laughed.

As humans, we have binocular vision which gives us the ability to see at nearly 180 degrees. However, when we earnestly and eagerly focus on a thing, we become ‘blind’ to every other thing around us. Little wonder that the scripture in Hebrews 12:2 emphasized “keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. For the joy set out for him he endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God” (New English Translation). The shame of the cross diminished because the gaze of Jesus was on the joy that awaits Him after the cross. Sin, challenges, discouragement, depression among other things diminish when our face is continually set on our perfect example; Jesus. Focusing on Jesus is very critical at this juncture of our lives where everything in the world seem to be plunging daily. Intimacy with Jesus is a loving call to gaze on Jesus our Lover thereby, causing us to be dead to flesh and alive to God in our secret lives and in our spheres of influence. Friends, fix your gaze on Jesus!!!

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