To be human is to love and be loved

Have people to call your own and beloved

People who will have your back whenever they are called

Jesus had some, and one who was so-called

The one who sold him out to his foes

Until he gave it up on the cross

The people who lived in darkness,

Who for the fear of death have being kept in perpetual sadness,

Can sing for joy for hope has come.

In His suffering the reign of sin has being halted

Jesus the life-giving spirit,

Has given life to the captives of sin

Hallelujah for His resurrection is our redemption!

Redemption oh wonderful story!

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

That sweet prayer we are all familiar with,

Is there more to it than what we say?

If there is, what would that be?

Oh, Sweet Redemption

Sweet yet Someone cried through it all

Oh Sweet Redemption, Sweet, yet Someone suffered poverty, became a curse for the cause of the blessing

That humanity may become humane again!

Sweet but not without a price, the price of Jesus

That price that vitalize the love of God

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Spirit.

And when we utter this prayer, we call to remembrance the REDEMPTION.

The unspoken word in that prayer

Though unspoken yet loud in the hearts of those who know that Christianity came into being by Redemption!

Those who are in the fellowship of his sufferings, the fellowship of the sons of God.

And so, Easter reminds us of one thing:  Redemption, that Sweet Redemption!

Easter reminds us of one thing:  Redemption, that Sweet but costly Redemption!

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